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Bradara d.o.o. for auditing was established in December 1992. Based on many years of work experience, we provide professional services to entrepreneurs, accompany and support them in their work and progress. We handle business diligently and objectively, with mandatory confidentiality of all collected information.

Capital and entrepreneurial initiative are at the heart of economic relations. Entrepreneurs need to find the best way to merge capital and entrepreneurial initiative. Along with this problem, there is a need for efficient support, which we provide as a professional team. Entrepreneurs, business partners and company bodies are interested in doing business in the right way. There is a possibility of mistakes and violations of regulations in business. These are the reasons why it is necessary to carry out business control and promptly analyze the situation.

We are an ideal counselor and a solid support in such situations.


BRADARA a limited liability company for auditing (BRADARA d.o.o.)


Zagreb (City of Zagreb), Zeleni trg 4


  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Auditing activities
  • Tax consulting
  • Financial analyses


  • Kata Bradara
  • Vedran Bradara


Vedran Bradara, B.Sc.

ID NUMBER: 32877495346

COMPANY NO.: 080028876

IBAN: HR 25 2360 0001 1014 3346 5

SHARE CAPITAL: 55.000,00 kuna


Vedran Bradara, B.Sc.


Vedran has more than 20 years of experience in accounting and auditing.
He gained work experience through work on various jobs related to financial monitoring and control. It focuses on the proper application of regulations within legislative frameworks at the national and international levels. He has extensive work experience in working with clients from various sectors of entrepreneurship such as trade, manufacturing, services, construction, tourism.

Vedran has a degree from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb, passed the certified auditor’s exam and has a work permit issued by the Ministry of Finance. In addition, he continuously participates in seminars in the field of accounting, auditing and taxation.

Mateja Maljković, M.Sc. 

Head of Audit Department

During more than 5 years of career in the real sector, Mateja has gained experience in the field of auditing, controlling and analysis. She participates in audit work as the head of the audit department, and in projects related to controlling and analysis, she participates in tasks from the preparation of documentation to project management. She has practical knowledge in the field of auditing standards and tax regulations, which he implements daily in shes work. She is also a lecturer on topics related to auditing and accounting standards.
She obtained a master’s degree in economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb. She has passed the certified auditor’s exam and has a work permit issued by the Ministry of Finance.

She participates in various seminars, professional lectures and trainings.

Dajana Bradara

Head office

Dajana has gained 20 years of work experience so far, working in the public and real sector. During her career so far, she has worked in accounting and administrative affairs. She has extensive work experience working with clients from various sectors such as tourism, health, education, research and development. The features that adorn it are speed, efficiency and timeliness, and it is responsible for effective management.

She is continuously educated and improved at seminars, workshops and lectures.   

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