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Accounting and bookkeeping

According to the Accounting Act, every entrepreneur whose registered seat is in the Republic of Croatia, must keep accounting records and prepare financial statements according to the basic principles of proper accounting with all business changes visible. Bookkeeping must be kept in a way to provide a third expert person with the adequate deadline, access to business events and provide information through reports.

In theory, the prevailing opinion is that bookkeeping is just a part of accounting so bookkeeping is associated with record keeping, while accounting refers to accounting tracking and analysing business processes.

Bradara d.o.o. takes care of posting, asset records, accounts receivable, cash book, employees, travel orders, financial statements and other services.


  • Posting accounts receivable
  • Posting accounts payable
  • Posting bank statements of accounts
  • Other postings by posting order

Cash book

  • Posting payment and withdrawal slips
  • Keeping cash book reports


  • Monthly payroll
  • Printing transfer orders for payment of salaries
  • Employee registration, de-registration and change of status
  • Monthly report on salary payment and non-taxable receivables (JOPPD)

Outgoing invoices

  • Creating outgoing invoices template
  • Creating outgoing invoices

Travel orders

  • Travel order control and posting
  • Monthly local trip calculations
  • Monthly report on payment of non-taxable receivables (JOPPD)

Other services

  • Account balance harmonization
  • Interest calculation
  • Reporting by order of the client
  • Keeping payment transactions

Asset records

  • Recording fixed assets
  • Recording small inventory
  • Asset list reports
  • Depreciation calculations

Financial statements

  • Quarterly statistical report (TSI-POD)
  • Monthly/quarterly VAT calculation
  • Annual financial statement for statistics
  • Annual financial statement for publication
  • Annual financial statement on profit tax
  • Annual calculation of monument annuity
  • Annual calculation of tourist board membership fee
  • Annual calculation of forestry levy
  • Financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement)
  • Notes to financial statements
  • Decision on the adoption of financial statement
  • Decision on the distribution of profit

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