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Bradara d.o.o. for auditing was established in December 1992. Based on many years of work experience, we provide professional services to entrepreneurs, accompany and support them in their work and progress. We handle business diligently and objectively, with mandatory confidentiality of all collected information.

Accounting and bookkeeping

According to the Accounting Act, every entrepreneur whose registered seat is in the Republic of Croatia, must keep accounting records and prepare financial statements according to the basic principles of proper accounting with all business changes visible. Bradara d.o.o. takes care of posting, asset records, outgoing accounts, cash registers, employees, travel orders, financial statements and other services.


Audits of basic financial statements are performed with the aim to subsequently and independently examine and express opinions on the objectivity and accuracy of data in those financial statements.
Audits make a quality basis for business decision making and protects shareholders’ interests. Audit services include statutory audit, other audits of financial statements, review of financial statements, other audit engagements with assurance, and services related to the audit of financial statements.

Tax consulting

By providing tax consulting services we ensure correct application of tax regulations in accordance with the legal, economic, taxation and accounting system of the Republic of Croatia. It is our duty to advise you on all tax matters, assist in the preparation of tax reports and supervise correct tax and accounting record keeping. It is our pleasure to provide you with interpretation of all laws, in particular the Profit Tax Act, Income Tax Act, and Value Added Tax Act.

Financial analyses

In an increasingly turbulent financial environment it is very important to be at the source of information and decide the right course of action. Through financial analysis we provide you with information about relevant facts and suggest decisions for future business operations, often in several variants on the basis of those facts. In that regard, financial analysis is essential for those who govern and manage the company’s business operations. The analysis does not correct errors generated during operation but it allows you to avoid repeating the errors, or rectify observed deficiencies in future operations.

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