Effective support for the proper application of tax regulations.

Tax consulting

By providing tax consulting services we ensure correct application of tax regulations in accordance with the legal, economic, taxation and accounting system of the Republic of Croatia. It is our duty to advise you on all tax matters, assist in the preparation of tax reports and supervise correct tax and accounting record keeping. 

It is our pleasure to provide you with interpretation of all laws, in particular the Profit Tax Act, Income Tax Act, and Value Added Tax Act.

Close cooperation with the entrepreneur, adapting to his needs, enables tax consulting for easier understanding of tax regulations. The aim of tax consulting is to optimize the tax burden and reduce tax expenditures in accordance with the legislative framework. Changes in tax regulations additionally burden the entrepreneur in choosing the right approach for quality and timely decision making. The importance of recognizing the tax risks of entrepreneurs is of key importance for business, pointing out the consequences of risk, we advise and offer suggestions for reducing the tax burden.    

  • Advising and interpreting the Income Tax Act;
  • Advising and interpreting the Profit Tax Act; 
  • Advising and interpreting the Law on Value Added Tax;
  • Real estate tax consultancy;
  • Advice relating to the taxation of income from property, capital and other income.

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