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Audits of basic financial statements are performed with the aim to subsequently and independently examine and express opinions on the objectivity and accuracy of data in those financial statements.

Audits make a quality basis for business decision making and protects shareholders’ interests.

Audit services include statutory audit, other audits of financial statements, review of financial statements, other audit engagements with assurance, and services related to the audit of financial statements. Audit services also include other tasks whose performance is entrusted to audit companies by a special regulation.

An audit of financial statements is the examination and evaluation of annual financial statements and the data and methods used in compiling them and, based on that, giving an independent expert opinion on whether the financial statements present in all significant respects a true and fair view of financial position and cash flows in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework or, if applicable, whether the financial statements comply with regulations.

An audit of financial statements includes a statutory audit and other audits of financial statements.

Insight into the financial statements is an engagement in which the certified auditor and the audit company conclude whether, based on procedures that do not provide all the evidence required in the case of auditing financial statements, he noticed something that causes the financial statements not prepared in all significant respects. in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework.

We perform the following auditing activities:

  • Financial statement audits for commercial companies
  • Financial statement audits for non-profit organizations
  • Audits of company mergers and consolidations
  • Audit of companies in liquidation
  • Audit of share capital of companies in establishment
  • Audit of company share capital increase
  • Operational audit (revision at the request of the company – agreed procedures)
  • Access to financial statements
  • EU project audit

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Mateja Zanoški, M.Sc.

Head of Audit Department

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